Referral Agents

What is a Referral Agent?

Did you know that you can make $4000 or more for just referring a name to our company?!?!

For Example:
Price of Home Referred                        Estimated Amount You Take Home
$200,000                                                        $1500.00
$300,000                                                        $2250.00
$400,000                                                        $3000.00
Within the real estate industry is a little-known position called a Referral Agent. To be a referral agent, you must have a real estate license; but, you may not practice real estate. In effect, you are a scout, keeping your eyes and ears open for anyone who may be thinking of buying and/or selling real estate. All you have to do, is refer us the lead. When it closes, you get to collect the fee! It's that simple!!!
Here is my offer: Become a Referral agent, sponsored by me, and I will do the following for you:
• 1st--- You must take & pass the real estate class.
• 2nd---Take and pass the state & national exams.
• 3rd---Join Canzell Realty Referral Company

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE: With the status of Licensed Referral Agent, you may NOT practice real estate in any way. This is the law. You may only send (refer) people to a fully-licensed agent to discuss real estate.

For more info to become a regular agent with our company click on the link below: 



Refer An Agent

Help someone you know in their career and make over $1000 doing it!
It’s simple! Just refer someone to work at Canzell Realty.
If they are hired, you will receive $350.00 for each of the first three transactions they close!
Just make sure they mention that YOU referred them!
When an agent applies there is a section for them to fill out with who referred them to our company, make sure they put your name down so we can send you the payments! It is as easy as that!
This offer is good for all locations!
Please direct all applicants to apply online with the link below: