Mission, Vision and Core Values

Vision Statement:

To change the lives of the communities we serve through abundant giving.

Agent Mission Statement:

To build a lasting career where agents have real ownership and income through revenue share in order to create a life worth living, are able to retire and leave a legacy of wealth and wisdom.

Client Mission Statement:

To glorify God by putting our client’s interests above our own.

Core Values:

    1. Think win/win.
    2. Be A Go Getter.
    3. Follow Up & Follow Through.
    4. Address Issues Head On.
    5. Do The Right Thing.
    6. Let your Yes be Yes, and your No be No.
    7. Drive the Bus, Land the Plane.

Our company asks 3 questions before making any decision:

      1. Does it “Wow” our customers and team members?
      2. Will it provide a consistent & repeatable experience?
      3. Does it stop production?

We make sure our agents and staff see these every day so they are posted at the top of our internal portal. 

Office Space:

Our agents have access to world class facilities located at Regus locations across the country.


We make it easy for our agents and staff to reach us and each other. Everyone in our company has access to Slack so they can get real time help in the area they need.


We coach each team member to their goals by setting 3 commitments each week. We have a system to help document them as well as ensure they are SMART goals.