We want to help you find your dream home. We are so committed to helping you achieve your goals that we put it in writing.

  • Our “no long-term contract” guarantee means that our clients may terminate a listing agreement or buyer broker agreement at any time before that client enters into a binding contract. If you have signed a listing agreement or buyer broker agreement, and you are not happy with your agent, we ask that you allow us to assign you to a different agent in our office. If you are still unsatisfied then you may proceed with cancelling the agreement; however, this must be done in writing to the managing partner of the office. The buyer broker may be enforced if you have seen a house with one of our agents and later buy it. To reach a managing partner, click here.

Please make sure you get a written response back from the managing partner. If not, please call 1-866-370-5575 to get in contact with the managing partner of your Canzell Realty Real Estate office. Once the client enters into a binding contract, the terms of the contract will govern whether and under what circumstances the client can terminate the contract. For legal advice and interpretation of the termination provisions of a specific contract, please consult a licensed attorney.