Our Brand

Canzell brings to the real estate market a definitive mark of stability, strength, and, above all, quality. Our vision identity - form our distinctive colors and Quality Seal to our dignified, unpretentious typography - reflects our timeless character. We believe in being refreshingly real, whether we are operating in the high-end residential markets, in commercial real estate, or in the kind of middle-class, middle-market communities that are so integral to society.

Wherever Canzell is, our brand indentity communicates our commitment to integrity, our intelligence, and our straightforward approach, inspiring the best in our affiliates, and delivering the best to our clients. Use these guidelines to ensure you are representing Canzell to best of your ability, every time you communicate on our behalf.

Referencing Canzell

References to Canzell, whether in electronic, print and social media, and including references made by third parties and outside sources, plus photos, illustrations and graphics, are not allowed unless specifically provided by Canzell.

Affiliates must not link to any webpage or website that refers to, describes or includes Canzell, unless the web address, text or graphics are provided by Canzell.