At Canzell Realty Real Estate we want to change the way real estate is done in our country. It’s kind of like Apple wanting to change technology. At other big companies -they call themselves “franchises” but they are truly just brands. At Canzell Realty Real Estate, we are different. Our vision is to be the only TRUE real estate franchise that provides an EXCELLENT & CONSISTENT customer experience 100% of the time.

With Other companies – their target market is the agent, not YOU, their client. We have a higher standard here at Canzell Realty Real Estate. As stated in our mission, we vow “to glorify God by putting our clients’ interests above our own…”

We base every decision on what’s best for:
1st – Our clients
2nd – Our Company as a whole
3rd – Individual team members

Did you know we have a love it or leave it guarantee? If you don’t love the house that we sell you within the first three months, we will sell it for free.

We have a team of live agents in the office 8am – 9pm every day so you can get your questions answered and your home will never miss a showing call. And after hours, we have people answering phones late into the night so you’ll never speak to an answering machine.

We guarantee the most effective marketing over any other company. “Average Joe Real Estate Agent” doesn’t have the thousands of dollars a month we spend to market your home.

With Canzell Realty Real Estate, you’ll never be stuck in a contract – if at any time you’re not happy – fire us!

We understand you have options – that is why we are always excited and thankful for your business!

A little about Canzell Realty

Before Chantel became a real estate professional, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Virginia Wesleyan College and proceeded to teach at Cox High School for several years as well as serving as a children’s minister. However, when she went to buy her first home, she called 3 different real estate agents and no one called her back. Finally one agent called her back 2 weeks later. She thought, there has to be a better way to do real estate and started to change the way real estate is done.

“I wanted to build a company of professionals where we could all work together and use our strengths more effectively,” said Chantel. I focused on four things that I wanted to do differently: 

  1. Sold in 90 days:  When I sell something I want it to sell quickly. We motivate our agents to make that happen by guaranteeing to our clients that we will get their house sold in 90 days or the commission is free. 
  2. One click for charity:  I have always been passionate about giving back to my community. With ONE click, a buyer can donate 10% of company dollar to charity. This 10% comes completely from the company, NOT from the agent’s commission.
  3. Live agents available:  One of my biggest pet peeves is not being able to get a hold of someone or not having my calls returned. We have live agents available 7 days a week from 8 am – 9 pm so that we never miss a call. 
  4. Don’t get stuck: I hate being stuck in a long-term contract. We are confident in our services, but if a client is unhappy and wants to end a contract they can use the “Fire Me” guarantee.

Canzell Realty Real Estate creates a consistent and excellent customer experience, 100% of the time. Just like when you go to Outback and order a blooming onion, you will get it the same way every single time!

Her vision is to create a global real estate company providing agents with technology, training, support, and leadership so that they can provide a wow-ing experience to their clients.

Chantel is married to her husband, Rhyan, has a daughter, Shayla, and a son, Kyle.