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Introducing... Canzell Realty!

In 2005 Apple released its 5th generation iPod.  It also happened to be the year that Canzell Realty started her real estate career here in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Since then, everything in our world has changed. We couldn’t be prouder of our 15-year history of our dedication to serving buyers and sellers here in Virginia. Our commitment to this community has never changed and it never will.

We’ve invested millions of dollars into charitable organizations around Hampton Roads and partnered with them over the years to help bring light and hope to people in need.

As we’ve committed to our vision of changing lives in our communities, others have been paying attention.  Over the last few months, we’ve rapidly grown and attracted new talent from coast to coast.

As we’ve started to become a nationally recognized brand, we decided that it was time for change. Our brand is now so much more than we were 15 years ago.  It’s time for a new identity.  The mission of our company will never change. We’ll continue to glorify God by putting our clients’ interests above our own. We’ll now serve communities through abundant giving in cities all across America.

Today is a new day as we become Canzell Realty. Our new name and brand will have glimpses and ties into our past but will open the door to new opportunities. We’ll be updating our website, our marketing collateral with a new look and feel while holding on to our core values that have stood the test of time.

So get ready, if it has to sell, call Canzell.