My top 5 Decorating Tips from a top agent who helps with stating homes… the best interior design tips and tricks

 #1. The Rule of Threes: 

The following explanation can assist you with creating a fascinating home. 

The standard rule of threes expresses that things organized in odd numbers are seriously more effective, memorable, and appealing than even-numbered groupings. The magic number is by all accounts THREE, however, 5 or 7 work pleasantly too. 

But what is the reason for using an odd number? Clearly, it’s exactly the way that our brains work. As far as one might be concerned, three is the most modest number that can be utilized to shape a recognizable example in our minds.  

Just try it out and see how the rule of threes works for you! 

Here are some great examples of how to use the rule of threes in your home:

Choose three objects of varying height. Like a small, a medium and a large decoration piece. 


#2. Using neutral colors: 

If you want to create a warm and cozy home, then you should definitely use neutral tones! Instead of using cold grey tones, go for beige to bring a comforting feeling to your home. Combining different neutral tones creates a soft layered look and can create an absolutely stunning home. 

Another advantage of using neutral tones is that they work with pretty much every color and are very easy to decorate with. You should definitely try it out! 

The downside, however, is that a neutral scheme can easily look a bit drab and uninspired. To avoid this, follow these tips: 

  1. Use one paint tone throughout. 
  1. Create interest with a mix of textures. 
  1. Use clever and unexpected design pieces. 
  1. Make the most of natural light. 


#3. Choose a statement hero piece 

Since we just talked about unexpected design pieces – this leads me on to our next point. Every room should have a statement or hero piece! Something that will surprise, delight, and impress your space.  

This can be oversized furniture, stunning rugs, artwork, or functional walls. Something that guests will always comment on when they enter the room. It should be something you fell in love with right away and something you are willing to spend more money on, such as important sustainable furniture or bold wall paint. After you have chosen a hero piece you can start decorating the rest of the room. 

Here are some great examples of how to use a statement piece!  



#4. Add Warmth to a Neutral Color Scheme with Different Wood Tones 

In order to contrast the whites and greys in your home, add a lot of wood! The various wood accents in different tones add warmth to a neutral living room and turns your house into a home.  

A wooden table, wooden floor or simply a decorative piece out of wood. Just mix up different wood shades, it adds variation in color, texture, and pattern, which makes a space more visually appealing.  Likewise, if you add wooden flooring to a neutral room, you can make it appear bigger! 

Here are some examples of how to combine neutral colors with wood. Doesn’t it look stunning? 


#5. Mix up shapes 

Most living rooms have a lot of rectangles and squares. This is the nature of large pieces of furniture such as sofas, sideboards and shelves. If a room seems to have a lot of lines and right angles, consider adding different shapes such as circles. Round coffee tables, round side tables or round rugs, the possibilities are endless.  

You can choose a round mirror. A great way to break up squares and rectangles in the living room or straight tile lines in the bathroom. Large-format mirrors make a real statement and can visually enhance the sense of space in a small room. 

Try it out and let us know what you think!