We want to help you find your dream home. We are so committed to helping you achieve your goals that we put it in writing.

Our “no long-term contract” guarantee means that our clients may terminate a listing agreement or buyer broker agreement at any time before that client enters into a binding contract.   If you have signed a listing agreement or buyer broker agreement, and you are not happy with your agent, we ask that you allow us to assign you to a different agent in our office.  If you are still unsatisfied then you may proceed with cancelling the agreement;  however, this must be done in writing to the managing partner of the office.  The buyer broker may be enforced if you have seen a house with one of our agents and later buy it.

To reach a managing partner please click here.

Please make sure you get a written response back from the managing partner.  If not, please call 1-866-370-5575 to get in contact with the managing partner of your Canzell Realty office. Once the client enters into a binding contract, the terms of the contract will govern whether and under what circumstances the client can terminate the contract.   For legal advice and interpretation of the termination provisions of a specific contract, please consult a licensed attorney.

About The CANZELL Realty® Culture


CANZELL Realty®, formerly known as Chantel Ray Real Estate, is a full-service real estate brokerage providing non-stop access to skilled training, top of the line resources and collaboration for brokers and agents. Founded in 2005, it rapidly grew from a single, local office in Virginia Beach, Virginia to multiple offices, becoming recognized as an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company for many years in a row of its inception. CANZELL® originated in Hampton Roads providing excellent service to their clients looking to meet their goals of buying or selling their home. Their revenue share program allows agents to make passive income if they recruit agents to the company - which isn't hard considering all of the competitive benefits. Their mission statement is to glorify God by putting their client's interests above their own and they meet that by changing the lives of the communities they serve through abundant giving.


Growing in 3 New States


Adding to their number of locations NATIONWIDE, CANZELL Realty® has just opened in 3 different states: California, Louisiana, and Illinois. Their virtual model allows agents to have a presence in multiple states without the cost of a traditional brick and mortar brokerage. Agents have a local broker who knows their market that they can always rely on rather than the traditional broker in one state.




CANZELL® will “Zell” their client’s homes for free if they don’t love it in the first 90 days, offer an Easy Exit with no long-term contracts, provide a Live agent daily between 8 AM to 9 PM, and finally, the company ‘Loves giving back.” CANZELL® will donate 10% of company dollar to one of 10 charities.  Let’s say you sell a home for $500k, earning 3% commission. If you kept all of the 3% it would be $15,000.. Nice! But of course the Agent splits that commission with their Broker. If you have an average split of 30% and no cap you would have $4,500 to your Broker. If you did twelve similar transactions for the year you would pay a total of $54,000 to your Broker.


With CANZELL®, once you’ve paid the brokerage $14,000, you don’t have to pay a split to the brokerage for the rest of your anniversary year. You would fulfil your cap within the first four closings. The other 8 closings for the year, you wouldn’t pay the company a split- keeping 100% of your commission.


So instead of paying $54,000 to your brokerage, you would only be paying $14,000 after 12 similar sales in a year. If we bumped it up to 30 similar sales in a year at the same rate, you would be paying $135,000 to your other brokerage, but at CANZELL Realty®, you would only be paying $14,000. And once you’ve reached your cap at $14,000 and if you sell 30 or more homes, you get $10,000 back in ownership stock. Meaning, you really only paid $4,000 to your brokerage. And if you cap and sell less than 30 homes, you get $4,000 back in ownership stock. Meaning you really only paid the company $10,000.